Street Trees Elevation Alert — September 17, 2022

Over the past few months, many of our neighbors have brought complaints and concerns regarding tree branches overhanging the sidewalks.  Please note that tree branches are to be kept between 8 and 10 feet above the sidewalk and 12 feet above the road if they overhang the streets.  The HOA has contracted Brothers Tree Service to address the trees on all common areas.  We are asking all of our neighbors to please trim your street trees to these levels.  Any properties not in compliance will begin receiving notices in early Spring.

While in the neighborhood, Brothers Tree Service will be offering a reduced per tree rate if contacted by any Callonwood Residents.  Callonwood residents can have their street trees trimmed to the proper elevations for the special rate of $140 per tree.   This offer will no longer be available once the Callonwood common areas have been completed.   Brother’s Tree Service is a small locally owned business.  Omar and Uriel not only own and operate Brother’s Tree Service, but they are also on site working alongside their crew.  To set this service up, they have requested that you please text Uriel at (704) 207-9238.  Leave your name, phone number and address, and indicate that you are a Callonwood Resident.  Uriel will get back to you to set up your tree service.  Please do not call, as they can get inundated with calls while on site working.

Brother’s Tree Service will begin on 10/17/22.  They will start with the trees at the entrance and around the pool.  They will be here from 10/17/22 – 10/19/22.

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