Upcoming Projects

  • Tree Elevations – The Callonwood HOA has approved a contract to have all trees on Callonwood Common areas trimmed up to an elevation of 10 – 12 feet off the ground. This will elevate branch levels across common grounds including sidewalks.  Work will begin this fall and be finished over the winter months.  (Read the Alert post here)
  • Bridge to Dog Park – repairs will be made, and it will be painted.
  • Playground – All rusted areas of the playground equipment will be sanded and painted.
  • Playground Pavilion – Pavilion will be sanded and painted.
  • Pool Pergola – Pergola will be sanded and painted.
  • Pool Slide and Stairs – Areas of rust will be sanded and painted.
  • Pool Furniture – All pool furniture will be replaced over the winter.
  • Pool House – Pool house interior to be renovated.
  • Pool House Doors – Doors will be sanded and painted.

Recently Completed Projects

  • New Website – Callonwood.com has been refreshed. Now all residents have a website to visit for any pertinent information.  From this website, Callonwood residents can view upcoming events, news, and notices.  The website also contains clear links to the management companies for the Callonwood HOA management company as well as the management company for the townhomes.  This allows for easy access to any official business.
  • Fences – Repairs have been made to all white vinyl and black iron fencing around the neighborhood. The fences at the ballpark and the dog park have also been repaired.
  • Clubhouse Sign – A sign has been installed at the front entrance of the clubhouse. This will be used to post upcoming social events and neighborhood happenings.
  • Violations – The violation process has been amended. The first “violation” is now a letter letting neighbors know if anything regarding their property is not in compliance with HOA covenants.  If the situation is not resolved in 30 days, then the violation process begins with an official notice of violation.