If you’re interested in following the ongoing initiatives to correct the road and traffic conditions at the intersection of Potter and Pleasant Plains, please see below for the latest update. This effort is being organized by Stallings Resident David Allison.

This is his update from November 16, 2023:

“First, thank all of you for supporting our cause. The last update was about the encouraging news that NCDOT has started with pre-construction preparations. All major projects can incur unforeseen challenges and complications and one of these has occurred. A small Natural Gas line was discovered on the side of the Citgo station. I understand that the mapping was obsolete and it is understandable that the line was unknown. In moving the line last month it was discovered that a gasoline tank has been leaking and unsuitable for the relocation of the line. NCDOT has developed a work around that involves a redesign. This has been done and sent to Raleigh for plan approval. It should be approved the last week of November and the work can begin the first week of December. This is the kind of attention and progress we have been wanting. To quote former NFL coach Bill Parcells “ Losers assemble in small groups and complain, winners assemble as a team and find a way to win” We cant declare victory until we see bulldozers and safety cones but this small group is affecting change in a positive manner.

-David Allison”

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