If you’re interested in following the ongoing initiatives to correct the road and traffic conditions at the intersection of Potter and Pleasant Plains, please see below for the latest update. This effort is being organized by Stallings Resident David Allison.

This is his update from January 21, 2024:

“A lot of work is taking place. Our project has begun! The North Carolina Department Of Transportation (NCDOT) continues site work in preparation of letting bids for the Potter Rd. Pleasant Plains Rd. intersection Improvement (P-3) as it is commonly referred to. The main focus of this phase of preparation is the relocation of a natural gas main line. I spoke with the subcontractor hired by Piedmont Natural Gas and he indicated that this is a large and time-consuming operation. Our gratitude to Piedmont Natural Gas for their prompt attention to this need. The NCDOT still intends to ask for construction bids for the entire P-3 project in March. Progress is being made!

I have been asked by many of our subscribers about the trees and home removals on Monroe Rd. in our area. I do not have answers. Originally the P-3 work was to be done alongside of the Monroe Rd. widening project but that agreement was severed several months ago so that the P-3 would be a stand-alone project. It appears that NCDOT is going ahead with the Monroe Rd. work now? Our focus is on Potter Rd and Pleasant Plains Rd. project and still is our only concern for now.

I will continue to update everyone when I receive any news or information.


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