Fix Potter Road Update – May 5, 2022

Below is the latest email sent on the status of the Potter Road intersection improvement.

Update The “Pivot”

The first sign-up on this site was on May 18th, 2021.  Since then 1200 of you have supported the goal of making our political leaders accountable and motivated to fund improvements to this dangerous intersection. Another goal was to improve the appearance. Many of you wonder why there are a number of vacant lots all around the intersection. There is a lack of sewer lines! Yes, in 2022 there are areas of Stallings without sanitary sewer! The County has agreed to appropriate money for sewer lines when the intersection construction begins. If the Town of Stallings had fulfilled their contractual obligation to pay $400,000.00 in 2014 the intersection would now be completed and perhaps we would be looking at a beautiful retail/Town center that would be contributing to the tax base, Just Imagine. Since May 2021 we have brought media attention to the project.  As of now, there has been a lengthy newspaper article and four TV News stories focusing on the dangerous and poor conditions of this intersection.  Since then the Town has secured funding from several sources and shown renewed interest in a project that hasn’t been listed in Council meeting agendas since 2017.

What To Know Now:

In March the Town Council voted to turn the project over to the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The DOT will combine the work with the Monroe Road widening proposal. This is not the most hoped for solution but in reality the DOT has the ways and means to complete a construction project. The Town of Stallings has difficulty in even filling potholes. The pivot is to develop communication with DOT and encourage momentum to improve our safety.

We will stay in touch:
I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement and unwavering support.  The voice of the people has been heard thanks to you.  Citizens can make a difference!  I will continue to watch and report progress.  Some new vehicle crash data from the DOT.  From September 1, 2017 through April 4, 2022 there have been 13 crashes reported at Pleasant Plains and Monroe Road.  There have been 38 crashes at Potter and Monroe roads and 68 crashes at Potter and Pleasant Plains roads. A total of 118 crashes in a 42-month period. These figures demonstrate the needed urgency.

David Allison
Union County Resident

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