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If you are new to Nextdoor or the neighborhood and you would like to join Nextdoor:

  • Go to nextdoor.com
  • Enter your street address and email address then click the “Join your neighborhood” button in the middle of the page.
  • Follow the instruction to set up your Nextdoor account.

Once you have a Nextdoor account, you can click the green    icon in the callonwood.com website to access Nextdoor.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) – Mike Thrower – 704-644-8808 – ARC.Carolinas@fsresidential.com
Clubhouse – Mike Thrower – 704-644-8808 – pool@callonwood.com
Community Web Site – Jason Saunders / Gary Hutchins – jason@charlottezweb.com
Entrance Lighting – OPEN – Mary.Ely@fsresidential.com
Landscaping – OPEN – Mary.Ely@fsresidential.com
Neighborhood Watch – OPEN – Mary.Ely@fsresidential.com
Newsletter – OPEN – Mary.Ely@fsresidential.com
Parks and Recreation – OPEN – Mary.Ely@fsresidential.com
Pool – Mike Thrower – 704-644-8808 – denise.carlton@charlotte-pmg.com
Safety and Law Enforcement Liason – OPEN – Mary.Ely@fsresidential.com
Social – Anna Rushing & Chick Efird – social@callonwood.com
Swim Team -Mike Thrower – 704-644-8808 – pool@callonwood.com

If a chairperson spot is open and you are interested, please talk to the board at the next board meeting.



Callonwood Residents Park


§         This is not a public park. It is for use by Callonwood residents and guests
§         Use the playground at your own risk
§         Park closed from dusk to dawn
§         No loitering
§         Playground equipment designed for children ages 2-12; please supervise children
§         Do not use playground equipment when wet
§         Place trash in proper receptacles
§         Pets must be leashed and under owner’s control
§         Prohibited items: Alcohol, Tobacco products, Controlled substances, Weapons, Fireworks, Open fires, Glass bottles containers, Disorderly conduct and/or profane or abusive language, Destruction of or tampering with property, equipment, or vegetation, abuse of park equipment
§         Park in designated areas only
§         Only authorized vehicles allowed past the gate


Callonwood Ball Fields


§         The fields are not public ball fields. Fields are for the use and enjoyment of Callonwood residents and guests. Any use by non-residents, teams, or other organizations are subject to fees and must have prior approval from the Callonwood HOA Board of Directors.
§         Use fields at your own risk
§         Fields are closed from dusk to dawn
§         No loitering
§         Place all trash and debris in proper receptacles
§         No pets on fields; pets in spectator areas must be leashed and under owner control
§         Prohibited items: Alcohol, Tobacco products, Controlled substances, Weapons, Fireworks, Open fires, Glass bottles containers.
§         Prohibited behaviors – Disorderly conduct and/or profane or abusive language, Destruction of or tampering with property, equipment, or vegetation, abuse of park equipment
§         Park in the parking lot next to the playground – no vehicles on the fields or the street next to the ball field.
§         Only authorized vehicles are allowed past the gate [soccer field only]


Callonwood Community Field Rental & Usage Policies for Nonresidents


§         Fields can be rented out on an hourly basis. The standard rate is $25 for each two-hour period, paid in advance. Limit team practice time to two hours for this rental.
§         Fields are available for rental Tuesday and Thursday until 5pm and on Saturday and Sunday between 8am to 10am and 12pm to 2pm (provides two teams with the chance to conduct practice for fours hours over the weekend).
§         Reservation times will be strictly enforced to ensure availability for usage by residents.
§         Reservations are first-come, first-served; times above are reserved, even if field is in use at the time a team with a valid reservation arrives. (Teams are encouraged to work together in the event of such conflict.)
§         Reservations generally can be made for two weeks at a time. If a team is looking for a longer-term rental, please contact Abbott Enterprises (see below for contact information).
§         Cancellation of a reservation is required 48 hours in advance, or fee is forfeited; in the event of inclement weather, fee will be refunded.
§         During unreserved times, fields are available for resident use only on a first-come, first-served basis; individuals and resident teams are requested to limit such usage to reasonable durations if others wish to use the fields.
§         Use of fields is at individuals’ and teams’ own risk.
§         Any and all complaints to be directed to the board of directors.


Emergency: Dial 911
Callonwood Community Park
Hammond Drive
Stallings NC

The following clubs have formed here in Callonwood.  If you are interested in joining, please contact the clubs at the email addresses listed below.

WOW (Women on Wednesdays)

Meets at the clubhouse every Wednesday afternoon from 1pm tp 4pm.  We play dominoes, cards, bunco and have coffee and conversation.


Callonwood Bunco Club

Meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30pm.


Callonwood Book Club

The Callonwood Book Club meets the second Monday of each month (September thru June) at 7PM in the Clubhouse.  The following is the list for our upcoming season.

Click here to download the 2022-2023 reading list (PDF)

New members are always welcome. For more information please contact Barbara Koehler  (justbknc@yahoo.com).

The Callonwood Book Club meets the second Monday of each month (September thru June) from 7pm – 8pm in the Clubhouse.  The following is the list for our upcoming season.

2023-2024 — Callonwood Book Club Meeting Schedule & Book Selections

  • September 11, 2023Things I Wish I Told My Mother– Patterson & DiLallo
  • October 9, 2023The Maid– Nita Prose
  • November 13, 2023The Good Left Undone– Adriana Trigiani
  • December 11, 2023Verity– Colleen Hoover
  • January 8, 2024Left Neglected– Lisa Genova
  • February 12, 2024TBD
  • March 11, 2024TBD
  • April 8, 2024TBD
  • May 13, 2024TBD
  • June 10, 2024TBD

New members are always welcome. For more information please contact Lindsey Shuford (lmshuford@gmail.com).

Homeowner's Association / FirstService Residential

Homeowners Association Board of Directors Meetings

The Homeowners Association BOD meets on the third Thursday of each quarter at 7pm in the Clubhouse, subject to change.  Please refer to the Calendar page (on our top menu) for confirmed dates.

Quarterly Public Meeting Schedule:
-2023 schedule coming soon-

Townhome Board of Directors Meetings

The Townhome BOD meets on the fourth Wednesday of every quarter at 6:30pm in the Clubhouse.  Please contact callonwoodth.carolinas@fsresidential.com if you have any questions.

Quarterly Public Meeting Schedule:
Wednesday, January 25th, 2023
Wednesday, April 26th, 2022
Wednesday, July 26th, 2022
Wednesday, October 25th, 2022  [Annual Meeting]

Log in to the portal to double check we have the correct contact information on file. Please check your billing address, phone number, and email address. You can also, email Randi.Faile@fsresidential.com with your census form that was included in your transition letter and we will update the information for you.

Click here to access (Login Required)

Our Community Manager:

MARY ELY, CMCA®, Community Association Manager
5970 Fairview Road Suite 710 | Charlotte, NC 28210
Direct 704.527.2361
Email MARY.ELY@fsresidential.com

24/7 Customer Care Center: 855.546.9462
Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube


For the Callonwood Townhomes:
FirstService Residential
Office — (704) 527-2314

The process for requesting an architectural change for your residence is different depending on whether you’re in a townhome or single-family home:

If you have questions and have already initiated the applicable process above, you may email general inquiries to arc@callonwood.com.

FIrstService Residential:

Click here to access (Login Required)

FirstService Residential:

Click here to access (Login Required)

Callonwood Community

First Service Residential – Click for website
Community Association Manager
5970 Fairview Road Suite 710 | Charlotte, NC 28210
Direct 704.527.2361
Email MARY.ELY@fsresidential.com

24/7 Customer Care Center: 855.546.9462


First Service Residential – Click for website
Office — (704) 527-2314

Pool / Club House:

The Clubhouse Committee will be responsible for overseeing the rental and adherence to the rules. The rentals will be subject to the availability of the dates and committee members to perform their duties relative to the opening and closing of the clubhouse. The application can be found at the website and must be completed with all documentation provided to mrtsbird@gmail.com at least two (2) weeks prior to your event. The main points to consider when renting are as follows:

1. The fee for renting the clubhouse is $150 for four hours plus a security deposit of $400. Checks should be made payable to “Callonwood HOA”. Both checks will be deposited and if there are no violations or damage the security deposit will be returned on an HOA check within 10 days after the event.

2. Off-duty police officers may be utilized for events scheduled at the clubhouse.

3. Access to the pool deck is strictly prohibited and violation of this, except in an emergency, will subject the renter to loss of their security deposit and a response from the “off duty” officer.

4. Proof of insurance from your homeowner’s insurance company naming the Callonwood HOA as an Additional Insured for the event will be required for all activities.

Any questions or comments can be addressed to mrtsbird@gmail.com.

2019 – New Age Restrictions

*** You must be 14 years or older AND able to independently & proficiently SWIM to enter the pool without adult supervision.
*** All children under 14 must be supervised by someone AT LEAST 16 YEARS OF AGE.

It will be necessary to have a “fob” to gain entrance to the pool during normal hours of operation. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. Any resident that has not received their fob or has questions please contact pool@mycmg.com.

Please be vigilant when entering or exiting the pool. If a person or persons seem to be unsure of the gate system and appear to be trying to enter without a fob, please ask a life guard for assistance. You may bring guests to the pool. An “on your honor box” will be near the gate. Guest fees are $2 each and you must be in attendance with your guest. Please do not share your fob, it is has been assigned to you and misuse may result in a hearing before the B.O.D. and could result in loss of pool privileges.

PH Pool Management will oversee the day to day operation of the pool.

Pool parties can be arranged by emailing pool@mycmg.com.

We suggest you direct any suggestions or ideas you may have to our management company.  Their contact information is on the Management Company page on the menu at left.

Callonwood Pool Safety

  1. When at the pool your children need supervision. The lifeguards are at the pool for the safety of all swimmers, both children and adults, and are unable to watch your children 100% of the time. Please be mindful that your children are your responsibility while they are at the pool.
  2. Be aware that our pool is a family recreation area. The use of profanity will not be tolerated.
  3. We also remind all residents that beverages are not allowed in the pool.

Pool Rules

  1. All posted rules will be adhered to by all residents and their guests. Residents will be responsible for the action of their guests. All guests MUST be accompanied by a resident. The 2 dollar guest fee is required of all party guests.
  2. All residents and their guests must shower before entering the pool.
  3. Upon arrival at the pool, resident Fobs must be used to access.
  4. All Residents or guests of Residents under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. 13 or older may enter without adult supervision provided they can independently/proficiently swim.
  5. Proper swimming attire is required. No cutoff shorts are permitted. NO diapers are permitted in either pool. All children not potty trained must wear swimming diapers.
  6. No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol is permitted in the pool area. No profanity or foul language is permitted.
  7. Snacks and drinks are permitted within the pool grounds. Glass of any kind is NOT permitted within the pool grounds.
  8. Drinks and Snacks are NEVER permitted in the swimming pool itself.
  9. Residents are responsible for the removal of their trash and their guest’s trash. Covered sanitary containers are provided around the pool grounds.
  10. No pets or animals are permitted within the fenced area of the pool at any time.
  11. Smoking is NOT permitted inside the pool grounds or on the steps or ramps entering the pool area at any time beyond the posted signs.
  12. Please remember: The pool is for Callonwood residents.
  13. A $2 fee per day will be charged for all guests. All guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times. It is the responsibility of each resident to abide by these rules. The goal is to provide a safe and pleasing area for all residents. The lifeguards, under the direction of the “Board of Directors of the HOA” have the authority to suspend the pool privileges of any member or guest not following these rules.

Planning a Pool Party or have more than 5 guests?

There is a limit of 5 guests per day per household. Anything over the set limit of guests is considered a party and must be arranged in advance (at owners expense).  Pool parties can be arranged by emailing pool@mycmg.com.

Click here for our pool party policy

Fob Replacement:
Owners can reach out to Randi.Faile@fsresidential.com if a replacement fob is needed for the 2023 pool season. Households are permitted 2 fobs and replacement fobs are $30. The replacement fee will be placed on the owners account which can be paid via the community website and log in to the portal. The lost fob will be shut off once the replacement fob has been mailed.