A neighbor has recently spotted a bobcat in their backyard. Here are a few suggestions to make your property less attractive to wildlife. Practice these guidelines and encourage your neighbors to do the same:

  • Don’t feed wildlife. Feeding wildlife will make them become dependent and less wary of humans. Keep wild things wild!
  • Don’t approach or try to pet any wildlife. This may provoke them.
  • Feed pets indoors. Outdoor feeding attracts many wild animals.
  • Please secure your garbage. Coyotes and Bobcats, like dogs and raccoons, will knock over trash cans or tear open trash bags.
  • Close off crawl spaces under porches and sheds. Coyotes use such areas for resting and raising young.
  • Secure your pets. Coyotes and Bobcats view pets as potential food. Pets should not be left outdoors unattended.
  • Rabbit hutches should have a solid bottom. Chicken coops should be constructed with the wire buried at least one foot underground around the perimeter of the coop. Do not use chicken wire, a strong gauge wire is necessary for protecting small animals.
  • Pick fruit off trees as soon as it’s ripe and keep rotten fruit off the ground.
  • Trim and clear near ground level any shrubbery that provides cover for wildlife or prey.
  • Actively discourage wildlife with loud noises, flashing lights, recorded human voices such as radio talk shows, and ammonia-soaked rags.
  • Trapping and relocating wildlife is inhumane and illegal and not a viable alternative.
  • Educate your neighbors. Pass this information along since your efforts will be futile if your neighbors are providing food and shelter for coyotes.

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